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Animal Model Solutions
Advance Your Immuno-oncology Research and Drug Development
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About this Event

Tumor immunotherapy is undoubtedly one of the most promising trends in anti-tumor drug research worldwide. With the NDA approval of anti-tumor innovative drugs based on the hot targets like CAR-T, PD-1, PD-L1, CTLA-4 etc., the tumor immune drugs development is rapidly expanding, and the market competition is constantly intensifying. How to accelerate the growth of tumor immune drugs and improve the passing rate of clinical trials? Preclinical development plays a vital role, especially in the efficacy and safety evaluation, which provides reliable data support for clinical trials.

Against this background, Cyagen is inviting industry experts worldwide to discuss the challenges and practices of preclinical research on Immuno-oncology.

During this webinar, our speakers will touch on a range of Immuno-oncology-related key points, including:

  • ● Animal Modeling for Oncology Drug Discovery
  • ● Generation of Genetically Engineered Mouse Models for Immuno-Oncology Research
  • ● Preclinical Models Displaying Human Lymphoid and Myeloid Compartments: Use in Preclinical Research in IO
  • ● Impact of Model Design on Your Preclinical Study Using Immune Checkpoint Humanized Models
  • ● How to Improve the Success Rate of Antibody Clinical Trials?
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Speakers and Panelists
Dr. Marvin Ouyang
Executive Vice President
Kader Thiam
Senior Vice President Discovery - Preclinical Models & Services
Fabiane Sônego
Innovation Project Manager Immune Checkpoint Models
Jingjing (Jessie) Wang
Senior Director, Cancer Pharmacology, SRI
Jurie Hwang
Director, International Affairs & Public Relations Division
Who will benefit?
Professionals involved in:
● Animal Model Studies
● Immuno-Oncology Research
● Preclinical Research
● Drug Development/Drug Efficacy Studies
● Antibody Clinical Trials/Antibody Drug Innovation
What you will learn?
By attending the Web seminar, you will:
● Learn about the newest research progress in antibody-drug innovation
● Gain insights into the application of humanized models in modern drug development
● Get the answers on how to improve the success rate of antibody clinical trials
● Meet TOP experts and gain from their rich experiences
● Get access to freely review the digital webinar resources
  • >> About Cyagen

    Cyagen is a 700-employee company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with additional Japan and production facilities in China. As a one-stop-shop for research model solutions, Cyagen offers a broad portfolio of custom genetically engineered models, ready-to-use catalog models, and drug development models - specifically tailored to the unique needs of drug development studies.

    Our comprehensive services cover the entire process of animal model generation: from transgenic/gene targeting strategy design to animal model development, breeding, cryopreservation, and animal phenotype analysis. In addition, our virus products and services are widely used in the construction of various cell models, in vivo injection of living animals, gene therapy, and other research fields.

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