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Disease animal models are an indispensable tools for studying the mechanism of human disease occurrence and development, drug screening and efficacy evaluation; excellent disease animal models will definitely speed up the development of new drugs. In order to help domestic researchers quickly easily obtain high-quality animal models of diseases from countries in Europe and the United States, Cyagen has reached a strategic alliance with genOway, a leading European model animal brand. Through the cooperation, Cyagen has introduced a series of animal models of superior quality - severe immunodeficiency mouse model BRGSF and immune checkpoint humanized mouse models, simultaneously we’ve opened these new models to researchers and scientists worldwide!



Cyagen Drug Development Animal Model Series:


1. Immunodeficienct Mouse Models


NKG mouse is a severe immunodeficiency mouse developed by Cyagen through CRISPR/Cas9 technology to knock out IL2RG gene on NOD/Shi-Scid background strain. This model is recognized as having high degree of immune deficiency and has good performance in the study of tumor, immunity, autoimmunity diseases, immunotherapy vaccine, GVHD/transplantation, safety evaluation, and more.


This model is highly permissive to human hematopoietic cells engraftment, BRGSF serves as the optimal model to generate human immune system (HIS) mice to study and predict human immune responses in vivo.


This model is constructed with reconstituted human immune system. Such engrafted models can be used to study the growth of tumors in the environment of the human immune system and for the evaluation of anti-tumor therapy, especially regarding the efficacy of immunotherapy and related mechanisms.


2. Immune checkpoint (ICP) mouse models

The amino acid sequence homology between the immune checkpoint genes of ordinary mice and the corresponding human genes is generally about 60%. However, under normal circumstances, antibodies that recognize human immune checkpoint proteins cannot identify the corresponding proteins in mice - which may be resolved with the humanization of mouse immune checkpoint genes.


a. Single-targeted Immune checkpoint (ICP) mouse models


 b. Double-targeted immune checkpoint mouse models


3. Humanized Mouse Models to Study Inflammation & Allergy

The following is humanized models may be used to study inflammation and allergy as well as in vivo efficacy and safety assessment of biologics and other compounds:


4. Repoter Mouse Models

The following reporter mice have been jointly verified and widely used by genOway and its partners worldwide - leaders in the field of immuno-oncology and immunotherapy - including large pharmaceuticals, biotechnology companies, research institutions, and more.


5. Humanized Mouse Models for Assessing PK/PD

FcRn/serum albumin (SA) humanized mouse-AlbuMusTM model can predict the half-life of drug candidates more accurately.

 Click here to learn more about AlbuMusTM mice.


Why Choose Cyagen Drug Screening and Assessment Mouse Models?

  1. Highest Quality Guarantee: Cyagen has achieved in-depth cooperation with the top animal model providers worldwide to establish a disease model mouse product line through a combination of introduction and self-research, to serves the drug development and screening in cancer, immunity, endocrine system, cardiovascular, nervous system and infectious diseases。
  1. Comprehensive Intellectual Property Protection: Cyagen provides various disease animal models for cardiovascular diseases, immunology, oncology, neurobiology and other diseases with complete independent intellectual property (IP) rights. Clear and independent IP rights are an essential facet of successful drug discovery projects.
  1. Specific Model Genetic Background: All models are provided on a specific genetic strain background, of accurate and traceable sources, and includes periodic genetic testing performed in colony maintenance to ensure the reproducibility of your research results.
  1. Robust Verification by both Industry Leaders and CitationsCyagen's services and products have been cited more than 4,300 times by high-impact academic journals such as Cell, Nature, Science, PNAS, and more. And the immune checkpoint (ICP) and severe combined immunodeficient (SCID) model series of genOway have been jointly verified by the company and its partners worldwide, including leaders in the field of immuno-oncology and immunotherapy, large pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, research institutions, and more.
  1. Professional Technical Support: Cyagen's project management team will reasonably control the process quality in accordance with your preference or requirements. We provide you with an experimental scheme as well as up-to-date project reports and post-delivery consultation services, helping to minimize both your time and energy spent managing the project.

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