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Only $8,000! Get Your Conditional Knockout Mice
Only $8,000
Get Your Conditional Knocckout Mice

Conditional knockout mice plays an vital role in biomedical advancements across many research areas which is essential for understanding human diseases and accelerating drug development. Compared with conventional knockout mice, the precise temporal and spatial control of gene expression provided by cKO/floxed models yields greater experimental capabilities.

For a limited time, only $8,000, get your conditional knockout mice from our selection of Cyagen AI Knockout Mouse Model eBank. Take advantage of this promotion now.

Search Your Gene of Interest Now:
Project Type Deliverables Turnaround Time Promotion Price
Conditional Knockout Mice
≥3 cKO Mice As fast as 7 weeks $8,000
● Promotion Period: April 21st - May 31st
● Eligibility: End clients in Singapore
Advantages of Cyagen AI Knockout Mouse Model
  • No risk of failure: Our catalog features gene knockout mice that have been strictly analyzed to ensure 100% positive knockout.
  • Professional Technical Support
  • AAALAC-Accredited and OLAW Assured
  • Deliverables: as fast as 7 weeks
  • Reduced paperwork: Inquire online to place an order, one click to get detailed information and modeling guidance, backed by a powerful database.
  • 100% pure B6 background eliminates need for backcrossing – most repositories have mixed backgrounds
  • Inexpensive: Cost of catalog lines cannot be beaten by any model generation approach