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Knockin Rats

A knockin rat defines an animal model in which a gene sequence of interest is altered by on-for-one substitution with a transgene, or by adding gene sequences that are not found within the locus. Caygen uses the powerful tool, CRISPR/Cas, to generate rat models with point mutation(s), small reporter gene insertions, conditional knockout. For knockin large DNA fragments in rats, we have a unique advantage and higher insertion efficiency over other companies.
◆ Cyagen Knockin Rat Model Solution

 - Point mutution rats

Cyagen offers quick point mutation rat model generation via CRISPR/Cas-mediated genome editing technology by co-injecting nuclease and oligo donors carrying the desired mutation and homology arms.

- ROSA26 knockin rats

Full control of your gene expression by targeting the best-studied permissive loci ROSA26.

- Knockin rats

Cyagen offers CRISPR-based knockin at any locus, and conditional knockout rats generation in as little as 5 months, at highly competitive prices.


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