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Cyagen Rapid Expansion Service
● Save Time - At Least 3 Months
● Large Cohort Delivery - 30+ Homozygous Knockout Mice
● Age-Matched - Reduces Experimental Error
Quickly Expand Mouse Model Colonies
Cyagen Rapid Expansion Service | Cyagen Korea

Need a large quantity of desired mice fast? With natural breeding methods, the tedious nature of the reproduction process will take significant time to obtain enough homozygous mice for experiments. Moreover, if both the birth rate and homozygous rate of mice are low and can not meet the requirements of repeated sampling, the experiment will need to be repeated times - resulting in experimental data of which the consistency and accuracy can not be guaranteed.

To solve this problem encountered by researchers, Cyagen has launched a Rapid Expansion Service to quickly expand your colony to hundreds of animals.


  • Obtain a large quantity of mice with the same genotype in much less time than traditional breeding approaches - often saving months of work.
  • Mice of the same week age: It ensures the consistency of the age of the born mice and reduces the experimental error caused by the difference in the age of mice – improving reliability of the experimental data.
  • Direct delivery of knockout (KO) homozygote mice without the complicated personal operation and tedious mating process.
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) methodology minimizes the animals used, as it requires only a few donor male mice.

Cyagen is now offering an expansion of live homozygous knockout catalog models with discounts.
With two price options, customers can choose according to their own budget and needs.

  • ● Option 1 - Rapid Expansion -- Faster with a higher price.
  • ● Option 2 - Standard Expansion -- Slower with lower price.
Knockout Mouse
Live Mice
Deliverables Options Promotion Price (USD) Turnaround
2 pairs of homozygotes+
2~3 heterozygotes
Rapid Expansion $6,999 5.1~6.1 months
Standard Expansion $5,999 8~10 months
10 homozygotes Rapid Expansion $8,999 6.8 months
Standard Expansion $6,999 10~11 months
20 homozygotes Rapid Expansion $13,999 8.5 months
Standard Expansion $8,999 10~11 months
30 homozygotes Rapid Expansion $17,999 8.5 months
Standard Expansion $10,999 12~14 months

Eligibility: Clients in Asia Pacific Region, excluding Japan.

Our experts can also recommend customized solutions based on your experimental needs, fill out the brief form to contact us!

Why Rapid Expansion? Comparison of Breeding Methods
  • Traditional natural breeding: The progeny model of a specific genotype is obtained by self-mating and breeding animals constrained by the animal model's normal growth and development conditions as well as sexual cycle. This approach is time-consuming. When time is critical, natural breeding might not meet the researchers’ requirements in speed and quantity.
  • IVF Rapid Expansion: Many offspring of the same age and genotype can be obtained in much less time over traditional natural breeding. The process includes:

    ● Superovulation to obtain oocytes;
    ● In vitro fertilization (IVF) with fresh or frozen sperm;
    ● Transplanting fertilized egg embryos in the 2-cell period into surrogate mice;
    ● Obtaining a large number of offspring mice in one generation

Advantages of Rapid Expansion
  • Ensure a sufficient number of mice: A large number of colony mice can be obtained in a short time.
  • Save research time: Our unique in vitro fertilization (IVF) technology can shorten the research cycle by up to 3 months. Usually, it takes 6 weeks for female rats to be sexually mature before they can mate naturally, while superovulated female rats only need 4 weeks. Generally, it takes 3 months to reproduce one generation naturally, but it only takes 1.5 months using IVF technology!

Improve the Consistency of Experimental Data:
Using In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) for rapid expansion is equivalent to the simultaneous mating of male mice and many female mice in vitro, which ensures the consistency of the birth age. This reduces the experimental deviation caused by the different ages of the mice, and the experimental data will be more dependable.

Improve The Quality of Mice: IVF is a good method for male mice that can not reproduce naturally due to fertility issues; with IVF, we can obtain animals with a higher level of health. Requires only a few males to expand the colony.

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High-quality Facilities and Dual Quality Control of AAALAC and OLAW
High-quality Facilities and Dual Quality Control of AAALAC and OLAW
The specific pathogen-free (SPF)-level breeding environment provides a more reliable basis for your experimental data. The center is equipped with medical-grade ground rail sterilizers, automatic cage continuous washing machines, ozone and ultraviolet disinfection transfer facilities, and automated waste collection and deodorization systems to ensure the efficient operation of the animal room. Cyagen adopts AAALAC and OLAW quality standards to employ high-standard quality control on laboratory animals and their breeding environment, ensuring the health and welfare of laboratory animals.
Comprehensive Health Detection Mechanisms
Comprehensive Health Detection Mechanisms
The quality control of laboratory animal microbiology and parasitology is a crucial part of laboratory animal quality control. Through international cooperation, Cyagen has established a comprehensive animal health detection mechanism. Our testing frequency is divided into monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual. For example, in addition to the microorganisms and parasites required by the SPF national standard, we also detect microorganisms and parasites such as Helicobacter, acid-producing Klebsiella, and mouse norovirus.
Strict Genetic Control
Strict Genetic Control
The genetic quality monitoring of laboratory animals is an essential part of the standardized management of laboratory animals. Each breed and strain has its own unique genetic characteristics. In the process of production, reproduction, and application of laboratory animals, these genetic characteristics may change, but they must all meet the prescribed standard genetic composition. Cyagen monitors and maintains the genetic traits of animals by introducing qualified provenances, international genetic standard mating methods, and conducting monthly and annual genetic testing.
Personalized Breeding Practices
Personalized Breeding Practices
Cyagen designs personalized breeding programs according to the characteristics of different strains. For example, for transgenic mice with B6 background, Cyagen cooperates with upstream and downstream partners to develop CRO irradiated feed. The palatability of feed, nutritional composition, and actual test data is very suitable for transgenic mice with B6 as the background.
Intelligent Project Management System
Intelligent Project Management System
Cyagen uses a self-developed intelligent project management system for breeding project management, and each rodent cage has an independent QR code recognition system. The data-based and intelligent project management system makes the breeding records clear and readable, easy to retrieve and count, and can retain the data for a long time.
Excellent Training System and Quality Management System
Excellent Training System and Quality Management System
Cyagen has established a complete SOP system and complete training system, which includes strict requirements on the operation of technical personnel to ensure the quality of animals and the cleanliness of the barrier. For example, technicians need to take a shower and air shower simultaneously to enter the barrier, strictly control the entry of materials, and independently seal and package items before and after each use.
ワン・One-Stop Animal Model Technology Service Platform
One-Stop Animal Model Technology Service Platform
In addition to the traditional animal model customization and breeding research services, Cyagen can also provide standardized phenotypic analysis service in the areas of cardiovascular, cancer, immunity, metabolism, neurology, and more. We aim to provide a one-stop animal model services to customers worldwide. Cyagen provides project services from start to finish: creating animal models, breeding, surgery and phenotypic analysis, etc.