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Regular Transgenic Rats

Regular Transgenic Rat Model Services
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Cyagen offers one-stop solutions to all your transgenic rat model needs. You can contract us to perform your entire transgenic project from initial strategy design and DNA vector construction to transgenic animal delivery, or you can outsource specific phases of the project to us.


 ◆ Workflow of Transgenic Rat Services

Each full transgenic project is split into the following stages:

Transgenic Rat Services

1. Transgenic strategy design

  • Design a transgenic strategy that meets your research needs.
  • A PCR genotyping strategy will also be designed for founder screening.


2. Transgenic vector construction

  • Construct plasmid-based transgenic vector (visit our DNA Vector Construction & BAC Recombineering Services page for details).
  • Confirm plasmid vector by restriction digest and sequencing as needed.


3. Pronuclear injection

  • Inject transgenic vector into the pronucleus of fertilized eggs.
  • Implant injected eggs into surrogate mothers to obtain offspring. 


4. Transgenic rat screening

  • Genotype pups by PCR to identify those carrying the transgene.



Cyagen offers the best guarantee in the industry – we will fully refund the client’s service fee if animals with the specified genotype are not generated (except for genetic modifications severely affecting viability, morbidity, or fertility). Given the complexity of biological systems, a particular genetic modification may not result in the desired phenotype. As such, Cyagen's guarantee covers the creation of animals with the specified genotype, not a particular phenotypic outcome in terms of transcription, protein/RNA function, or organismal biology.

Why work with Cyagen?

  • 14+ years' experience in custom animal model generation
  • 78,000+ animal models generated and delivered worldwide
  • 4,700+ citations in SCI journals for our services
  • 3,000+ university and company partners
  • 100% money-back guarantee option available for most services
  • AAALAC-Accredited and OLAW Assured
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