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Transgenic Rats

Rats offer a variety of benefits as animal models over mice including ease of surgical manipulation and greater physiological similarity to humans. Cyagen provides a one-stop solution for your entire transgenic rat projects, from transgenic vector construction to pronuclear injection and founder genotyping.
◆ Workflow and Turnaround


◆ Donor Strain

SD rat: This common laboratory rat strain has served as an important animal model for research in psychology, medicine, and other fields.

Wistar rat: Another popular laboratory rat strain, it is characterized by a wide head, long ears, and a tail length that is always less than its body length.


◆ Transgenic Mouse/Embryo Services

Regular Transgenic Rats

  • Quick turnaround time

PiggyBac Transgenic Rats

  • Single copy rats
  • As little as 3 months
  • Reliable and consistent

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