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Free Cre Driver Strain with
Conditional Rat Model Projects
Save $15,000 | Order by June 30, 2022

As a leader in custom rodent models, Cyagen is proud to offer the first comprehensive Conditional Rat Model Toolkit. Our Toolkit includes a complete range of custom conditional knockout (cKO) or conditional knockin (cKI) rat models alongside the Cre driver rat strains needed to develop physiologically relevant models of human diseases.

For a limited time, order any cKO/cKI rat models to receive a free Cre driver rat strain custom-developed to support your field of study. Place an order by June 30, 2022 to qualify for your free Cre strain.

Free Cre Driver Strain with Conditional Rat Model Projects

Establishing suitable animal models of diseases is a very important part of basic discovery research and preclinical studies. Compared with constitutive knockout (KO) or knock-in (KI) mice, conditional knock-out (cKO) or knock-in (cKI) mice can avoid the problem of embryonic lethality. Conditional models can also achieve gene expression in a tissue-specific or inducible manner and are an important tool to accurately study the function of target genes.

Service Background Strains Available Standard Deliverables Price
Conditional Knockout/Knockin Rat Sprague-Dawley (SD), Wistar, F344, Long evans, Brown Norway - please inquire for additional strains. A minimum of 3 heterozygous rats
Cre Driver Rat One pair of heterozygous Cre rats*

*Free Cre rats available with orders of cKO/cKI rats for a limited time.

With our world-class facilities, we can perform any downstream breeding services to deliver the perfect cohort for your research project. Contact us for a free technical consultation and quote.

  • Promotion Period: April 18 - June 30, 2022
  • Eligibility: Academic customers in Asian-Pacific region. Contact us for eligibility in other regions or for commercial use. This offer is not valid in conjunction with other special promotions or discounts.
  • Details: Eligible clients ordering custom conditional knockout (cKO) or conditional knock-in (cKI) rat projects may select one of the listed strains of Cre driver rats available (or inquire about a custom Cre strain) to receive free with the cKO/cKI purchase.
Cre Driver Strains Available with This Offer

The establishment of the Cre-loxP site-specific recombination system (a.k.a. Cre-loxP recombination system) has enabled the realization of conditional target gene function research in rats and mice with a high level of control over the spatial and temporal expression of genes. However, researchers seeking to develop cKO or cKI rat models often lack Cre rat strains targeting the target. Given the complexity of breeding protocols for Cre-lox mediated rat projects, such studies are typically restricted by the high costs of maintaining rat-related facilities and space constraints. To address these issues, Cyagen is building a repository of Cre driver rat strains available to researchers worldwide.

Our Cre driver strains cover a variety of conditional, inducible, and reporter rat model types. Our inducible Cre lines (denoted below as CreERT2 rat strains) typically utilize Cre-ERT2 fusion proteins, which require the presence of tamoxifen for activity. Reporter tools, such as the ROSA26-LSL-tdTomato strain, play an important role in verifying specific expression of Cre rat lines. Rosa26-lsl-tdtomato Rat is a Cre reporter tool strain designed to have a loxP flanked STOP cassette preventing transcription of a CAG promoter-driven red fluorescent protein variant (tdTomato) - all inserted into the ROSA26 locus. When mated with Cre rat or TAM-activated CreERT2 rat, the resulting offspring will have the Stop codon excised via Cre activity to express TdTomato so it can emit red fluorescence in Cre or CreERT2-expressing tissue, thereby indicating the location of the modified gene.

Below we have listed the Cre driver strains that may be provided for FREE with a purchase of a cKO/cKI rat. Please inquire for the availability of additional Cre driver rats.

Driver Rat Strain Name Expression Site(s) or Application(s) Strain Background Request a Quote
Camk2a-Cre Forebrain neurons Sprague-Dawley (SD) rat
Cdh5-CreERT2 Endothelial cells
Cx3cr1-CreERT2 Mononuclear phagocyte system
Gfap-Cre Astrocytes
Myh6-CreERT2 Cardiomyocytes
Myh11-CreERT2 Beige Adipocytes
Nes-Cre Central and Peripheral Nervous System
Nphs2-CreERT2 Kidney
Slc6a3-Cre Dopaminergic neurons
Alb-CreERT2 Liver
ROSA26-LSL-tdTomato Reporter Tool
Contact us to see how we can help develop a custom Cre strain and conditional model strategy to support your field of study.