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Phenotype Analysis of Mouse and Rat Models

Cyagen's comprehensive small animal phenotype analysis platform can provide standardized phenotyping services covering a wide range of research, including cardiovascular, tumor/oncology, immunity, metabolic, neurological, and many other studies. Our services include surgical model construction alongside analytics capabilities for blood, tissue histology and morphology, pathology, genomic and proteomic expression, behavioral and metabolic analysis, and more. To provide customers with a meticulously regulated service platform, Cyagen performs the scope of work - model construction, breeding, surgery, and phenotype analysis - delivering a report of the comprehensive results for use in your study.
Phenotype Analysis Services:

1. Ultrasonography

Ultrasonography uses sound waves, which are transmitted in soft tissues, to produce pictures of the inside of the body. Ultrasound imaging is widely used in clinical research, with advantages including a lack of ionizing radiation, non-invasive operation, intuitive images, and affordability. Small animal ultrasound images most commonly use B-mode (brightness mode) greyscale scanning to capture diagnostic images. This diagnostic imaging method is used in various fields of small animal in vivo imaging research, such as cardiology, oncology, reproduction and development, neurobiology, stem cell research, pathotoxicology, pharmacology, nanobiology, and others.

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2. Blood Biochemistry

Cyagen performs hematology analytics services for mice and rats, with multiple sampling techniques as well as subsequent biochemical assays. We can test for most indicators, including routine blood tests (five classification blood cell analysis - with reticulocytes), coagulation tests, liver function, renal function, blood glucose, blood lipids, cardiac enzymes, C-reactive protein (CRP), electrolytes, antioxidants, immune factors, and more.

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3. Histology & Pathology

Cyagen can collect tissue specimens and perform supplemental histological analysis services in accordance with your project requirements. Our sampling capabilities include tissue fixation, dehydration, embedding, sectioning, H&E staining, and special staining. Examples of our related services include analyzing the detection of pathological signs, protein localization and expression, cell proliferation and apoptosis, and in situ gene expression.

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4. Metabolic Phenotyping

In addition to commonly used mouse models of metabolic diseases - such as obesity, diabetes mellitus, NAFLD, atherosclerosis, and pancreatitis models - Cyagen offers supplementary services for comprehensive phenotypic assessment, including food and water consumption monitoring, automatic separation and collection of feces and urine, glucose/lipid metabolism tests, and more.

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5. Gene and Protein Expression

Although molecular biology technology is a powerful tool in life science research, a highly standardized operating procedure is required to ensure reliable data is obtained. Cyagen can undertake most general molecular biology experiments, such as PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, OD quantitation, ELISA detection, quantitative protein extraction, RNA extraction, Southern Blot, Western Blot, primer design and synthesis – providing you with comprehensive experimental data for publication. Our professional molecular biology services save your time by delivering research results – serving as a high-quality, one-stop solution for your custom model needs.

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6. Cell Function Testing

Cyagen provides various cell function testing services, including transwell invasion, cell migration, cell cycle, cell proliferation, cell apoptosis, and other cell detection assays that can be realized by the flow cytometry platform. We assure the standardization, accuracy, and reliability across the entire process, from strategy design through sample preparation and data analysis.

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