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Customized Mouse Models

Cyagen offers a one-stop solution for all your custom mouse model need. In just 15 years, Cyagen has become the world’s largest provider of transgenic and knockout mouse services, with over 50,000 genetically animal models successfully delivered to researches.
◆ Highlights of Cyagen’s Customized Mouse Model Services:
  • High, publication quality models
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Cost effective - low cost, fully guaranteed models
  • “One-stop shopping” experience for customers
  • Over 15 years of experience, 50,000+ models generated and 3,600+ citations of Cyagen in scientific literature to date
  • 100% money-back guarantee

To date, Cyagen has generated many thousands of custom knockout, knockin and transgenic mouse lines while working with over 3,000 universities and companies worldwide. Please click here to view a map of our customer base.

ESC- based gene targeting - TurboKnockout®
Conditional knockout mice - Eliminate two generations of breeding
- As fast as 6 months
Conventional knockout
CRISPR/Cas-based knockout mice
Knockout mice - Unrivaled speed and convenience: as fast as 3 months
- Precise genome editing
ESC- based gene targeting - TurboKnockout®
Conditional knockin mice - Eliminate two generations of breeding
- As fast as 6 months
Humanized mice
Knockin mice
CRISPR/Cas-based knockin mice
Point mutution mice - Consistent and predictable ubiquitous gene expression
- Large fragment up to 12 kb
- As fast as 3 months
ROSA26 knockin mice
Knockin mice
Regular transgenic mice

- Quick turnaround time

- High expression level

PiggyBac transgenic mice - Single copy mice
- As fast as 3 months
- Reliable and consistent
Transgenic mouse embryos - Enhancer Study
- No need to maintain the mouse line
PiggyBac transgenic mouse embryos - Single copy mouse embryos
- As fast as 1.5 months
- Reliable and consistent


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