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Custom Cell Line Services

Cyagen is the world`s leading provider of custom genome editing services. Leverage our experts and optimized CRISPR/Cas cell line modeling service platform CRISPR-Pro for a hassle-free research. CRISPR-Pro enables large fragments excision or correct mutations in various cell lines.
Knockout Cell Lines

Custom knockout stable cell lines as fast as 2 months. By using optimized CRISPR/Cas9 technology CRISPR-Pro, the removal of large fragments of the gene can be achieved.

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Knockin Cell Lines

Custom stable knockin cell line generation with low price, rapid turnaround, and stable expression. CRISPR-Pro technology enables large fragment knockin in variety of mammalian cell lines.

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Point Mutation Cell Lines

Custom stable point mutation cell line generation service. Precise point mutations and stable expression in variety of cell lines with low price and rapid turnaround.

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Overexpression Cell Lines

Gene overexpression, inducible gene expression, gene knockout, gene knockdown all can be achieved by custom lentiviral-based stable cell line service. Low price with a comprehensive cell repository.

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Lentivirus Packaging

We use 3rd generation lentiviral systems for the highest biosafety standards. Several additional viral sequences must be acquired from the packaging plasmids via recombination.

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