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Customized Rat Models

Rats are vastly superior to mice as a model system in many avenues of research. Studies in toxicology, hypertension, nutrition, pharmacology, behavior, cancer, osteoporosis, and many other fields strongly benefit from the larger size, superior cognition, and more human-like physiology of rats. Recent advances in nuclease-mediated genome editing via CRISPR/Cas technologies now allow rapid and inexpensive knockouts and specific point mutations to be made in rats. Pronuclear injection to make transgenic rats is also highly efficient. Truly customized rat genetic models are now a reality.
CRISPR/Cas knockout rats - Services via CRISPR/Cas
- Unrivaled speed and convenience
- Precise genome editing
Point mutation rats - Services via CRISPR/Cas
- Without any scar left in the genome
Rosa26 knockin rats - Services via CRISPR/Cas
- Consistent and predictable ubiquitous gene expression
- Large fragment up to 8kb
- As fast as 3 months
Knockin rats - Services via CRISPR/Cas
- Any target site you wish to knockin
- Large fragment up to 8 kb
- As fast as 3 months
Regular transgenic rats - Quick turnaround time
PiggyBac transgenic rats - Single copy rats
- As fast as 3 months
- Reliable and consistent
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