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Cell therapy refers to a therapy in which viable cells are introduced into a patient in order to achieve a medicinal effect. The three primary cell therapy strategies are allogeneic, autologous, and xenogeneic. Allogeneic cell therapy uses donor cells from a different person than the recipient patient, which is useful in developing off-the-shelf pharmaceuticals In autologous cell therapy, cells are taken from a patient, modified outside the body, and then retransmitted back to the patient. The main application area of cell therapy in oncology, for the treatment of tumors and cancers, but significant interest has been shown in recent years for its potential in degenerative and immunogenic pathologies.


CAR-T Cell Therapy

Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that is considered to have the potential to "cure" cancer. Among immunotherapies, Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cell Immunotherapy (CAR-T Cell Immunotherapy), is more effective at finding and destroying cancer cells through modifying a person's immune system to be able to recognize a cancer-specific antigen. CAR-T therapeutic development is now commonplace following recent approvals of drugs for CD19 expressing diseases. CAR-T cell therapy is one of the fastest growing areas of pharmaceutical research and development.

The FDA has approved five types of CAR T-cell therapies:

  • Abecma (idecabtagene vicleucel)
  • Breyanzi (lisocabtagene maraleucel)
  • Kymriah (tisagenlecleucel)
  • Tecartus (brexucabtagene autoleucel)
  • Yescarta (axicabtagene ciloleucel) 

Due to the particularity of CAR-T treatment principles, more issues need to be considered in the CAR-T development process, such as the selection of therapeutic targets, the distribution of CAR-T cells in vivo, and cytotoxicity. As a global research services company supporting CAR-T and other cell therapy development programs, Cyagen provides CAR virus preparation, the construction of tumor immune cells and animal models, and the entire process of in vivo/in vitro drug efficacy evaluation — accelerating the development of CAR-T and cell therapy research.

Our Cell Therapy Services

Viral vector manufacturing

Construction of the immune model

In vitro pharmacodynamic evaluation

In vivo pharmacodynamic evaluation

  • CAR design & construction services

  • CAR-T Gene Virus packaging

  • CAR-T cell construction

  • Overexpression Stable transgenic Cell Line Services

  • Immunodeficient Mice

  • Cell line-derived Tumor Xenograft (CDX) Models

  • PBMC and HSC humanized mouse models

  • In vitro killing activity test of CAR-T cell

  • ADCC/CDC/CTLcytotoxicity test

  • Immune cell phenotype analysis

  • CAR-T cell proliferation test

  • Phenotypic testing of tumor cell

  • CAR-T cell proliferation monitoring in vivo

  • Pharmacodynamic evaluation of CDX models

  • Analysis of lymphocytic infiltration

  • Monitoring of organs pathological changes


Why Choose Cyagen?

1. We provide one-stop in vitro and in vivo research model services

Cyagen has been committed to the establishment of gene-edited cells and animal models for over 15 years. We have an experienced team of experts and a mature technology platform, with customers in dozens of countries and regions around the world. We can provide customers with cell models and animal models that regulate the expression of target genes, as well as a series of related services, such as phenotyping, functional verification, and pathological analysis — providing convenient services for the majority of scientific researchers.
2. Mature lentivirus packaging and CAR-T cell construction platform
We have a mature and stable virus packaging platform, using the third-generation lentivirus packaging system, with high virus titer, low cytotoxicity, and no pollution. Customers have cited our lentivirus packaging and CAR-T cell construction across multiple journals. We also provide CAR molecular design services for different targets to meet the individual needs of CAR-T and cell therapy researchers.
3. Extensive catalog of tumor immune mouse models
We have established a catalog with thousands of cell lines and mouse models for tumor immunology research, and also offer a variety of effective evaluation models, such as CDs models, immunodeficiency mice, humanized mice of the immune system, and mouse models of homologous tumors. We can construct various subcutaneous, in situ or metastatic tumor models, and provide customized in vivo pharmacodynamics services for the corresponding models to meet your all needs. Our comprehensive cell repositories and strict breeding management system provides one-stop services for nearly any tumor immune mouse model project.
4. Standardized and personalized pharmacodynamic evaluation services
In addition to customized virus packaging and animal model capabilities, Cyagen provides standardized and personalized drug efficacy evaluation services, covering the various phenotypic analysis required in the field of cell therapy, and one-stop pharmacodynamic evaluation for CAR-T cell therapy researchers.

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