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Histology & Pathology

Cyagen can collect tissue specimens and perform supplemental histological analysis services in accordance with your project requirements. Our sampling capabilities include tissue fixation, dehydration, embedding, sectioning, H&E staining, and special staining. Examples of our related services include analyzing the detection of pathological signs, protein localization and expression, cell proliferation and apoptosis, and in situ gene expression.


Histology & Pathology Services

1. Specimen sample collection from different organs and tissue types

According to your project requirements, Cyagen can collect samples from different organs and tissue types, such as, heart, lung, liver, kidney, brain, spleen, stomach, intestine, glands, skin and more.

2. Histopathology Analysis Capabilities

● Pretreatment of medical tissue specimen

● Paraffin sample section, frozen sample section

● H&E staining

● Special stains:

● Heidenhain azan stain is used to observe the morphological changes of muscle, cartilage, bone, and other specific tissues.

● Nissl stain is a widely used method to study morphology and pathology of neural tissue.

● Neutral red stain is used to observe the morphological alterations of cell nuclei.

● Other stains available - Oil red O stain; Congo Red stain; Masson stain; Gomeri stain; mouse skeletal stain.

● Cell proliferation and apoptosis biomarkers: BrdU marks cell proliferation, and Tunel marks cell apoptosis;

● Brightfield scanning, fluorescence scanning, and imaging examination.

3. Service Advantages

With highly organized sample collection, accurate processing, and positioning, our methods carefully preserve the original structure and morphology of specimens. In addition to specimen collection, our various phenotype diagnosis and analysis services can rapidly provide research data for your project. We can jump-start data acquisition for your project, so you can receive results while your models are still in your institution’s quarantine!


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