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While CRISPR/Cas9 conditional knockin (cKI) mice have short turnaround time and lower price than other genetic modification methods, verifiying its expression is often fraught with ups and downs. When constructing the vector, the insertion of suitable tags, strong promoters, and the target gene into a safe-harbor locus (i.e. Rosa26) may solve this problem. The added tag sequence is helpful for both examining protein expression and reducing the false negatives caused by poor antibody specificity. Cyagen CRISPR-Pro conditional knockin (cKI) mice include Western Blot (WB) analysis to effectively verify the expression of the tagged protein - providing improved validation with no service price increase. For consultation and order, please call 86 20-31601779 or email

● Promotion period: March 10th 2020 - April 30th 2020
● Eligibility: End clients in South Korea, Australia, New Zealand. Other regions, please contact us.
Service Deliverables Turnaround Time Promotion Price
CRISPR-Pro - Rosa 26 Locus
Conditional Knockin Mice
≧3 F1 heterozygotes 6-8 months $14,500
CRISPR-Pro - Rosa 26 Locus
Conditional Knockin Mice
+ Breeding + Western Blot Tag Verification
4 Tissue-specific expressing heterozygotes
+ 4 Flox heterozygotes
7-9 months $17,500

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Advantages of our CRISPR-Pro Services

Service upgrade with No price increase: We will provide the additional service of Western Blot tag verification at the cell level - such early expression verification is more cost-effective compared with later-stage detection methods.
Shorter turnaround: Direct delivery of heterozygotes with turnaround times as fast as 6 months.
Tag guarantee: We use a tag sequence that is both convenient for detecting the protein expression and reduces problems caused by poor antibody specificity, such as false negatives.
High positive founder rate: CRISPR-Pro technology uses a unique fertilization processing method that enhances the sensitivity of fertilized eggs to pathways involved in homologous recombination (HR)-mediated repair - greatly improving the HR efficiency and positive founder rates.
Efficient and precise: WB analysis of tagged protein expression is most conducive to determining the recombination position of the foreign gene at an early stage of the model generation process.
Total publications citing Cyagen: 3,400
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