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Due to their larger size as well as closer physiologic and genomic similarity to human, rats are the preferred models for human related biomedical and clinical studies. Rat models are widely used in toxicology, teratology, endocrinology, oncology, experimental gerontology, cardiovascular research, dental research, and experimental parasitology. Although, there are limitations in the generation of genetically engineered rats by embryo manipulation, Cyagen has overcome all of these limitations via its unique and proprietary accelerated methodology. Our new service can provide conventional and conditional knockout, knockin, point mutation and PiggyBac transgenic rat models based on diversity of donor strains, such as SD, Long Evans, F334, Wistar and Brown Norway. Partner with us, enjoy our full guarantee service at no additional cost.

With more than 900 rat models successfully delivered, Cyagen by far, has been the leading provider of custom rat models in the world. Please feel free to contact us for a free strategy and quote.

Cyagen's Rat Models

Service Turnaround Deliverables
Knockout rats 6-9 months 3 F1
Knockin rats 7-10 months 3 F1
Point mutation rats 7-10 months 3 F1
Conditional knockout rats 7-10 months 3 F1
PiggyBac transgenic rats 7-10 months >3 F1

* Diversity of donor strains available: SD, Long Evans, F344, Wistar, Brown Norway and others.

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Highlights of Rat Models

A Proprietary Artificial Intelligent-Based Analysis Tool:

Identify the optimal region to target in the gene of interest while minimizing off-target effect.

A Proprietary Injection Cocktail:

Significantly enhance targeting efficiency and reducing off-target effects. These innovations allow the creation of perfect custom rats far more rapidly and reliably as compared to industry standard.

Mature Gene Editing Platform:

With the leading of internationally-renowned technology expert, and over 13-year experience in animal model generation, Cyagen has mature expertise in gene editing.

Diversity of Donor Strains Available:

Cyagen not only can generate SD rat models, but also can edit the gene of Long Evans, F344, Wistar and Brown Norway.
A conserved Shh cis-regulatory module highlights a common developmental origin of unpaired and paired fins.
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Parallel circuits from the bed nuclei of stria terminalis to the lateral hypothalamus drive opposing emotional states.
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Loss of G s α Impairs Liver Regeneration through a Defect in the Crosstalk between cAMP and Growth Factor Signaling.
Cancer Cell 31:697 (2017) IF=27.407
The ubiquitin E3 ligase TRIM31 promotes aggregation and activation of the signaling adaptor MAVS through Lys63-linked polyubiquitination.
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