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Official Opening of Cyagen New Animal Facility! Knockout Rat Models, ONLY $10,000

According to numerous studies, rats are actually much closer physiologically, morphologically, and genetically to human than mice, which makes rat model favored by physiologists, pharmacologists, and neuroscientists in biomedical and clinical studies for a long time.

With larger body and organ size, multiple samplings, in vivo electrophysiology, as well as neurosurgical and neuroimaging procedures are achievable. Rat models now are widely used in many medical research fields, including, but not limited to:

  • Cardiovascular diseases Transplantation
  • Psychiatric disorders Autoimmune disorders
  • Aging Infectious diseases
  • Metabolic diseases Cancer
  • Genetic diseases Wound and bone healing

To celebrate the grand opening of our new model animal facility, which will be taken into operation in July, Cyagen now providing portfolio with cost-effective rat models and services with its unique and proprietary accelerated methodology, to suitable to not only academic institutions but big pharma and bio-tech companies. For consultation and order, please call 86 20-31601779 or email .

Promotion Period: July 1st 2020 - August 31st 2020 Eligibility: End clients in the Asia Pacific region, excluding Japan.
Service Deliverables Promotion Price
SD Knockout (KO) Rats 3 F1 $10,000

1. Full portfolio of rat models: Knockout (KO), Conditional Knockout (cKO), Knockin (KI), Point Mutation and PiggyBac Transgenic rats;
2. Reliable and high-quality services in various rat strains, including: Brown Norway, Fischer 344, Wistar, Long-Evans, Spraque Dawley, etc.

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Technical Highlights
  • Mature Gene Editing Platform:

    Lead by internationally renowned Cyagen scientists, 15-years’experience, successfully delivered over 50,000 custom models to researchers across the globe.

  • A Proprietary Artificial Intelligent-Based Analysis Tool:

    Identify the optimal region to target in the gene of interest while minimizing off-target effect.

  • Unique CRISPR-Pro Technology:

    CRISPR-Pro technology uses a unique fertilization processing method that enhances the sensitivity of fertilized eggs to pathways involved in homologous recombination (HR)-mediated repair - greatly improving the HR efficiency and positive founder rates.

  • Diversity of Donor Strains Available:

    Cyagen not only can generate SD rat models, but also generating rat models at Long Evans, Fischer 344, Wistar and Brown Norway strains.

Advantages of Cyagen Animal Model Center
● Well-Established Expert Team: Professional and experienced breeding team, taking good care of your mouse and rats.
● AAALAC-Accredited and ISO9001:2015 Assured: Cyagen provide products and services under strict guidelines for the care and use of animals.
● World-Class Facilities: 25,000㎡ specific-pathogen-free (SPF) level animal laboratories, equipped with more than 1,600 IVC feeding equipment, over 150,000 cages available, and the animal population exceeds 500,000.
● Professional Technical Support: Cyagen experts can provide you with professional breeding guidance and post-delivery consultation services.
● Reliable Project Management: We provide you with an experimental scheme as well as up-to-date project reports, strictly controls the quality, cycle and cost, helping you save time and effort.
Clients Testimonials
  • "We are very pleased with the state-of-the-art professional transgenic services provided by Cyagen for our study published recently in Nature. We continue to use Cyagen's transgenic services as it allows us to do better and more efficient research with transgenic mice."

    —— Stanford University

  • "Among several commercial services who have claimed to be specialized to generate mouse models with genetic modifications, I recognize that Cyagen is one of the best. We are looking forward to having more cooperation with them."

    —— Korea Brain Research Institute (KBRI)


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