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One-Stop Service Platform Solution Maximize Your Continued Research Progress Custom Models + Fast Breeding

Despite the difficult circumstances and uncertainty posed by the global outbreak of COVID-19, we would like to assure our clients and partners that we remain fully operational and are available to handle your every research need. As many researchers may be seeking solutions in how to manage and preserve their laboratory animals while acquiring reliable experimental data, Cyagen is here to help!

We offer advanced research services - from routine animal care to experimental report management, alongside complete fulfillment of your model construction and breeding needs - allowing you to focus more on research progress, unimpeded by the pandemic. For consultation and order, please call 86 20-31601779 or email

● Promotion Period: May 1st 2020- June 30th 2020

● Eligibility: End clients in South Korea, Australia, New Zealand. Other Regions, please contact us.

Service Deliverables Turnaround Time Promotion Price (USD/Strain)
Cas9 Global Knockout
(Cryopreserved sperms)
2 pairs of homozygotes
+ 2-3 heterozygotes
As fast as 8 months $8,999
Cas9 Knockin/Point Mutation 2 pairs of homozygotes
+ 2-3 heterozygotes
As fast as 9 months $13,999
Cas9 Conditional Knockout
(Cryopreserved sperms)
2 pairs of homozygotes (flox/flox, Cre)
+ 2 pairs of homozygotes (flox/flox)
As fast as 9 months $16,800
TurboKnockout® ES cell targeting
cKO/cKI homozygotes
2 pairs of homozygotes (flox/flox, Cre)
+ 2 pairs of homozygotes (flox/flox)
11 months $26,000
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Cyagen Advantages
One-stop Shopping:

Cyagen is able to help with homozygous breeding; allowing you to focus more on your research goals and less on animal care, breeding and colony management issues.


100% money-back guarantee, highly-competitive pricing.

Well-Established Platform:

Lead by internationally renowned Cyagen scientists, 15-years’ experience, successfully delivered over 50,000 custom animal models to researchers across the globe.

Professional Technical Support:

Cyagen's project management team will reasonably control the process quality in accordance with your preference or requirements. We provide you with an experimental scheme as well as up-to-date project reports and post-delivery consultation services, helping to minimize both your time and energy spent managing the project.

AAALAC-Accredited and OLAW Assured:

The Cyagen Transgenic Animal Center (CTAC) is AAALAC-accredited and OLAW assured - demonstrating Cyagen's adherence to strict guidelines for the care and use of animals.

World-Class Facilities:

Specific-pathogen-free (SPF) animal health status and strict adherence to protocol provides more reliable experimental statistics. To ensure the efficient operation of the animal room, our center is equipped with medical ground sterilizers, automatic cage cleaning machines, ozone and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection facility, automatic waste collection, and odor removal systems.

Clients Testimonials
  • "We are very pleased with the state-of-the-art professional transgenic services provided by Cyagen for our study published recently in Nature. We continue to use Cyagen's transgenic services as it allows us to do better and more efficient research with transgenic mice."

    Stanford University

  • "Among several commercial services who have claimed to be specialized to generate mouse models with genetic modifications, I recognize that Cyagen is one of the best. We are looking forward to having more cooperation with them."

    Korea Brain Research Institute (KBRI)


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