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Animal Models and VectorBuilder-Related Seminar 2: Kings College

Date: Jul 18, 2016

Presentation #1: Custom-Designed Mouse Models For Your Research

While genetically engineered mouse and rat models have been used extensively in biomedical research, the design and generation of these models is often complicated, time-consuming and costly. In this presentation, we will provide an overview of our transgenic and knockout mouse and rat services ( This includes our new PiggyBac transgenic mouse service, ES cell homologous recombination based gene targeting and CRISPR-mediated genome editing technology. We will introduce our newest ES-cell based gene targeting technology - TurboKnockout®, a platform that allows the generation of conditional knockout/knockin mouse models within 6-8 months, at least 4-6 months shorter than the standard approach. Backed by our 100% guarantee, we are confident Cyagen Biosciences can help you reach your research goals faster and more cost effectively, saving your lab time and money.

Presentation #2: VectorBuilder: The Evolution of Cloning

We are all aware of the plethora of issues and nightmares associated with vector construction and cloning. Luckily, Cyagen has made cloning for you obsolete! In this talk, we will introduce and perform a live demo of our new website VectorBuilder is a revolutionary new online tool that not only allows you to create your custom vectors with ease but also allows you to simply order them within minutes. To us, vectors are just expensive reagents and Cyagen Biosciences wants to let you know that we are here to assist in all of your custom vector/plasmid needs.

Presenters: Matthew Wheeler, PhD

                   Kristofer J. Müssar, PhD, MBA, MS

Time: Monday, July 18, 2016 - 01:00 PM

Location: Kings College: The James Black Centre, JBC Room

              125 Coldharbour Lane

              London SE5 9NU

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