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TurboKnockout and CRISPR: Technologies for Rapid Generation of Gene Targeted Mouse/Rat Models

Date: Aug 05, 2019

TurboKnockout and CRISPR: Technologies for Rapid Generation of Gene Targeted Mouse/Rat Models

While genetically engineered mouse/rat models (GEMM) have been used widely in basic biomedical research and modeling for human disease and drug development, the design and generation of these models can be complicated, time-consuming and costly. In this presentation, Dr. Steve Yu will first give an example detailing how GEMM are used in elucidating gene fuction in physiology and disease, he will then briefly review traditional pronuclear injection based transgenics and ES cell homologous recombination based gene targeting, and go over the more recently developed CRISPR-mediated genome editing technology in gene targeted mouse/rat model generation, with emphasis on the pros and cons of each technology and their applications. Furthermore, he will then introduce TurboKnockout, the newest ES-cell based gene targeting technology, which allows the generation of conditional knockout/knockin and other sophisticated mouse models in as fast as 7-8 months, 4-5 months shorter than the standard approach. Lastly, Dr. Steve Yu will highlight a novel online tool called Alphaknockout, which promises to revolutionize gene targeting and gene editing strategy design.

Speaker: Dr Steve Xiaofeng Yu, Vice President of Technology, Cyagen US Inc.

Date: 2019.8.5 Mon.

Time: 15:00-16:00 pm.

Location: Regional Cancer Center,
                 Medical College Campus, Post Bag No.2417,
                 Thiruvananthapuram, India 695011

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