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Alzheimer’s disease (AD) maintains the highest prevalence and morbidity among neurodegenerative diseases. As the FDA approved the first-of-its-kind treatment for Alzheimer’s disease in June 2021, Alzheimer’s drug development has come into the spotlight.

Establishing appropriate animal models of Alzheimer’s disease is of vital importance in Alzheimer’s drug development – for which, rats have become the animals of choice. Compared to mice, rats are more capable of learning tasks and show more stable performance in longer cognitive tests, leading to the rat model providing more value in treating Alzheimer’s disease. Given that humans share 99% of genes with rats (compared to 97.5% with mice), the rapid advancement of gene-editing in rats has provided reduced timelines and higher fidelity of results – especially for researching the effectiveness and safety of drugs tested with rat models.


Download the white paper to explore the applications of rat models in Alzheimer's disease Research >>


Outline of Contents:
●  Background and Research Overview of Alzheimer’s Disease
●  Research Process of Alzheimer’s disease
●  Applications of Rat Models in Alzheimer's Disease Research
About Cyagen

With more than 15 years’ experience in genetic engineering, Cyagen offers a complete range of services to support Alzheimer's disease research, including: custom genetically engineered models, ready-to-use catalog models, drug development models, colony management, and phenotype analysis - allowing researchers worldwide to create, manage, and monitor models with ease.

In addition to animal model generation, Cyagen has established a range of supporting services, such as animal breeding, embryo/sperm cryopreservation, histology, and transcriptome profiling. Outsourcing these services to Cyagen is a more cost-effective way of conducting your research. All these services are performed by experienced specialists following standardized procedures, so we can guarantee delivery of high-quality services and data acquisition with unbeatable price and turnaround.

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