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Cyagen is proud to announce the availability of BALB/c mouse models for all embryonic stem cell (ESC) based gene targeting services, including our proprietary TurboKnockout® technology.

The Importance of BALB/c Mice in Research

BALB/c is a laboratory-bred, albino strain of the house mouse, characterized by its immunodeficiency and extreme susceptibility to carcinogens. BALB/c mice are among the most widely used mouse strains across oncology, immunology, and nuclear medicine research, and are often the first option for animal experimentation models in new drug development projects. In addition, BALB/c mice are well-known for the production of plasmacytomas after injection with mineral oil, leading to their use in the preparation of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).

Developing Stable BALB/c Embryonic Stem Cells for Gene Targeting

The early embryology of BALB/c mice presents a difficulty for microinjection, as used in CRISPR techniques, due to its small, diffused pronucleus at the one-cell stage. Embryonic stem (ES) cell mediated gene targeting involves injection at the blastocyst stage, improving germline transmission (GLT) compared to CRISPR-based methods. Cyagen has screened several batches of BALB/c-strain ES cells over two and a half years,testing several characteristics – including progenicity, karyotype stability, and totipotency - to finally provide screened BALB/c-derived ES cells suitable for generating targeted genetic models.

TurboKnockout® BALB/c Service Advantages 

Strict selection standard for BALB/c strain ES cells: Cyagen has successively selected several batches of BALB/c strain ES cells, among which each batch has been tested on several factors such as progenicity, karyotype stability, totipotency, reproductive chimerism, and final germline chimerism testing, to finally provide screened BALB/c-derived ES cells suitable for generating targeted genetic models.   

Commonly-Used Mouse Strain for Research: BALB/c mice are extremely susceptible to carcinogens, leading to their wide use in oncology, immunology, nuclear medicine research, the preparation of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), and are often the first option for animal experimentation models in new drug development projects.

No Off-Target Effects: TurboKnockout® is based on traditional ES cell targeting techniques, which can be used for complex genetic modification projects to provide BALB/c mouse models with accurate genetic modification, 100% germline transmission (GLT), and no off-target effects.

No Risk of Patent Infringement: Compared with CRISPR/Cas9 techniques, TurboKnockout® is free of patent disputes and is the technique of choice for new drug development projects.

Shorter Turnaround: Founders as fast as 6 months due to innovations that eliminate two generations of breeding: 1) super competent ES cell line generates 100% ESC-derived founders, avoiding the ‘chimera’ phase; and 2) a self-removing Neo selection cassette that circumvents the need to breed to Flp deleter mice.

TurboKnockout® Gene Targeting for Drug Development

The TurboKnockout® service by Cyagen is based on traditional ES cell targeting techniques, which can be used for complex gene knockout projects to provide BALB/c mouse models with accurate genetic modification, 100% germline transmission (GLT), and no off-target effects.

Compared with CRISPR/Cas9-based techniques, TurboKnockout® is free of patent disputes and is the technology of choice for drug development projects. For consultation and order, please call 86 20-31601779 or email

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