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Cyagen Biosciences Suzhou Inc. closed a 285 million RMB (equivalent to about $41 million USD) Series B financing as of Feb 25. The investments are from funds managed by CMS Capital, GF Qianhe and GF Xinde which are both wholly owned by GF securities, and Guanghua Investment respectively. Founded in 2011, Cyagen has grown into one of the major suppliers of genetically modified mice and rats models to a broad customer base from research institutions, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and CROs across the globe.


The fund raised will be used to build new facilities in Eastern, Northern, Southern, and Southwestern China, to enhance Cyagen’s presence in North America, Europe, and APAC, and furthermore to expend Cyagen’s global reach by strengthening alliances with industry leaders in the West. In addition, the fund will also be used on the expansion of existing product and service portfolios, germ-free mice microbiome studies, surgical mouse/rat models, antibody-drug development platform based on humanized mice, and bioinformatics databases for mouse/rat genetics.


Reprinted from article titled "Cyagen Closes $41 Million Series B to Expand Animal Research Model Business" from CHINABIO. Please contact us for any concerns regarding this content.

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Cyagen Biosciences is the world's leading provider of custom-engineered mouse & rat models. Cyagen is world renowned for its quality, money back guarantee, and cost-effective prices. Headquartered in California, with locations in Japan and China, Cyagen provides researchers from around the world with transgenic, knockout, knock-in, CRISPR, and ES-cell based models and also offers a comprehensive series of stem cell products for research use, including cell lines, media, and differentiation kits. From vector and strategy design to animal model creation, cryopreservation, and breeding - Cyagen offers complete outsourcing for all animal model needs.


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