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Herein, we have selected several high-impact factor (IF) publications from May through October 2020, which use custom genetically modified mouse models developed by Cyagen. These citations cover a broad range of research fields, including immunology, inflammation, cardiology, oncology, metabolomics, and epigenetics. 

Featured Animal Model Publications

Mouse Model Type Used

Research Applications

Gene Target(s)



TurboKnockout® Humanized Point Mutation (PM)

Leukemia, oncology, tumors

Gata2 (G320D)

C/EBPα and GATA-2 Mutations Induce Bilineage Acute Erythroid Leukemia Through Transformation of a Neomorphic Neutrophil-Erythroid Progenitor

Cancer Cell

PMID: 32330454

Knockin (KI)


Epigenetics, metabolomics, oncology


SETD2 Restricts Prostate Cancer Metastasis by Integrating EZH2 and AMPK Signaling Pathways

Cancer Cell

PMID: 32619406

PNI-based Transgenic

Stem cells, coronary disease, internal ribosomal entry site (IRES)



The Stem Cell Pluripotency Genes Klf4 and Oct4 Regulate Complex SMC Phenotypic Changes Critical in Late-Stage Atherosclerotic Lesion Pathogenesis


PMID: 32674599

Knockout (KO)



The piRNA CHAPIR regulates cardiac hypertrophy by controlling METTL3-dependent N 6-methyladenosine methylation of Parp10 mRNA

Nature Cell Biology

PMID: 33020597

Conditional Knockout (cKO)

Immunology, Inflammation



Basophils prime group 2 innate lymphoid cells for neuropeptide-mediated inhibition

Nature Immunology

PMID: 32807943


Genetically engineered animals remain essential for gaining proper understanding of human disease mechanisms and play an important role in a variety of research areas. Since our founding in 2005, Cyagen has been cited in over 4,300 publications – all of which are available as a searchable list: Browse All Citations


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