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Infusion Pumps Implantation Surgery

ALZET osmotic pump or similar drug pump can achieve continuous and even subcutaneous or intravenous drug administration, eliminating side effects from fluctuation in drug concentration caused by ordinary injection or oral gavage - providing full insights into efficacy, especially for drugs with a short half-life period. Additionally, it can reduce both the administration time and the potential interference from frequent gavage or injection on animals. This continuous and automatic administration can work for several days or weeks, making it ideal for long-term observation.

Cyagen provides mouse and rat infusion pump implantation surgery service in experimental facilities that are fully AAALAC-accredited. Drugs can be administered through subcutaneous injection or directly into the vein through a catheter. The infusion pumps implantation may be combined with other operations (such as surgical disease models, catheter implantation, etc.) - please contact our sales representatives for custom solution scheme and price.

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