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Astrocyte Growth Medium

Astrocyte Growth Medium GXXAC-90011
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Consists of optimized Astrocyte Basal Medium, pre-screened fetal bovine serum, and cell culture supplements. This product has been developed for the optimal expansion of astrocytes to allow multiple passages without change of phenotype.

- Supports optimal growth of astrocytes.
- Confirmed ability to support astrocytes from various species.
- Batch-to-batch consistency.

Kit Components:

 Astrocyte Basal Medium  410 mL
 Astrocyte-Qualified Fetal Bovine
 75 mL
 Penicillin-Streptomycin  5 mL
 Glutamine  5 mL
 Non-essential Amino Acid  5 mL
  2-Mercaptoethanol  500 μl


All products should be stored in dark.  Astrocyte Basal Medium is stable at 2-8oC for up to one year. Other components are stable at -20oC for up to two years. Once prepared, the fully supplemented complete medium can be stored for up to one month in the dark at 2-8oC. Avoid repeated warm-cooling and freeze-thawing for optimal performance.

Quality Control:
Astrocyte Growth Medium has been tested for performance on the OriCellTM SD Rat Cortical Astrocytes (Cat. No. SCCAC-00001), OriCellTM F344 Rat Cortical Astrocytes (Cat. No. FCCAC-00001), and OriCellTM Wistar Rat Cortical Astrocytes (Cat. No. WCCAC-00001).

Standard evaluation includes:
1. Sterility test (bacteria, fungi and mycoplasma)
2. pH test
3. Osmolality
4. Endotoxin