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Strain C57BL/6 Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells

Strain C57BL/6 Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells MUBES-01001
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Derived from the inner cell mass of strain C57BL/6 mouse blastocyst (at 3.5 days post coitus) and cultured on γ-ray irradiated mouse embryonic fibroblasts as feeder cells in OriCellTM Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Growth Medium (Cat. No. MUXES-90011).

Characterization of cells:
- Strong capacity to self-renew.
- Positive for alkaline phosphatase staining.
- Ability to form teratoma in severe combined immunodeficient (SCID) mice.
- Expression of OCT-4, SSEA-1, and nanog.
- Display normal diploid karyotype (40, XY or 40, XX) during extensive subcultivation.
- Ability to differentiate into cell types of all three germ layers in vitro and in vivo.


Quality control:
Tested negative for bacteria, fungi, and mycoplasma.


Delivery and storage:
- Frozen cells are shipped on dry ice. 
- Upon receipt, if no dry ice is left in the package, thaw and use them immediately. 
- If there is dry ice left in the package, store cells in liquid nitrogen immediately upon arrival. 
- When stored at the recommended storage conditions, components are stable up to the expiration date.

- Do not expose to elevated temperature.

Product warranty:
Cyagen warrants its cells only if suggested media are used and the recommended protocols are followed.  The cryopreserved cells are assured to be viable and functional when thawed and maintained properly.


Intended use:
Intended for non-human laboratory research use only.