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Ease your anxiety in research during the coronavirus pandemic!


The COVID-19 epidemic is now a huge challenge for the entire world. Since the epidemic in most of the countries is controlled, colleges, universities and institutes worldwide, gradually returned to school or lab and started their scientific research work. However, the recent local restrictions and measures against COVID-19 and the unclear prospect of the epidemic have made many scientific researchers anxious.


Experimental data is of vital importance for not only coronavirus research but all types of research and studies, especially in publishing high-score papers and in vivo model verification. In other words, it is difficult to produce and analyze data outside the laboratory.


Are you anxious about how to do the research during the coronavirus pandemic?

Are you facing the dissertation deadline under the pressure of strict restriction in your lab?

Are you worry about your experimental mice were left unattended?

Are you concerned about the customized mouse model you’ve ordered cannot be delivered or received in time?

Are you stress about how to prevent your mice from being processed due to cross-breeding?


Don’t worry! Cyagen is here to help, we are providing one-stop services from custom models, agent breeding to phenotype analysis – cater to all your needs related to animal models in epidemic situations and accelerate your research progress.


COVID-19 Drug Screening, Vaccines and Test Kits R&D Humanized ACE2 Mouse Model Pre-Order


hACE2 Mouse Model - for your COVID-19 Drug Screening, Vaccines and Test Kits R&D


Cyagen now are providing knockout (KO), knockin (KI), and humanized mouse models at multiple hot targets - ACE2, DPP4, TMPRSS2, CD147 etc, to supporting COVID-19 research efforts. Scanning the QR Code above for more details.


Winning Back Your Research Time Cyagen AI Knockout Mouse Model eBank


Cyagen AI Knockout Mouse Model eBank - 16,000 KO/cKO strains, as fast as 2 weeks


Cyagen AI Knockout Mouse Model eBank - covering over 90% of hot genes such as Nlrp, Mettl, Nrf, Sirt, Tlr, Pten, Fto, Dexi, and more - is fully operational and available throughout this pandemic. Scanning the QR Code above for more details.


Maximize Your Continued Research Progress Custom Models + Fast Breeding


One-Stop Service Platform Solution - Custom Models + Fast Breeding


Cyagen can directly deliver 2 pairs of homozygotes and multiple heterozygotes, allowing you to focus more on research progress while we take care of your model, unimpeded by the pandemic. Scanning the QR Code above for details and online enquiry.

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