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C-NKG Mouse

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Model Description

Strain Name: NOD/Shi-Prkdcscid Il2rgem1/Cyagen

Background: NOD/Shi-Scid


Construction Strategy:

C-NKG mouse is a severe combined immunodeficient (SCID) mouse model developed by Cyagen through CRISPR/Cas technology to knockout IL2RG gene on NOD/Shi-Scid background strain.

NKG mouse lacks mature T, B and NK immune cells. Moreover, it has suppressed phagocytic function of macrophages towards human cells, decreased complement activity and reduced functions of dendritic cells due to its NOD background. Thus, NKG can efficiently transplant hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs), peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), cell line-derived xenografts (CDX), patient-derived xenograft (PDX), and other adult stem cells and tissues.



  • Lack of mature T, B, and NK cells
  • Decreased complement activity
  • Impaired functions of macrophages and dendritic cells
  • No T and B cell leakage with age



  • CDX and PDX
  • Efficacy and safety assessment of cellular immunotherapy
  • Generation of humanized mouse models (e.g. using human PBMC or HSC to rebuild human immune system in mice)
  • GvHD
  • Immuno-oncology
  • Hematopoiesis and stem cells



  • Prkdc gene mutation

Figure 1. Prkdcscid mutation is produced by TAT → TAA in exon 84 of Prkdc gene. The sequencing result shows that NKG mice carry a Prkdcscid mutation.


  • Il2rg gene knockout
Model Validation

Figure 2. The II2rg gene of NKG mouse was detected by PCR and the result shows that the II2rg gene of NKG mouse was successfully knocked out. The band size of wild type was 1430 bp and that of the knockout fragment was 388 bp.


  • Detection of B, T and NK cells in peripheral blood of C-NKG mouse

  • Detection of B, T and NK cells in lymphoid tissue of C-NKG mice
 Model Validation

Figure 4. The lymphoid tissue of C-NKG mouse, a severe immunodeficiency mouse model, is severely deficient in B, T and NK cells. Lymphoid tissue samples of BALB/c and C-NKG mice were collected, followed by flow cytometric immunophenotypic analysis and statistical comparison of the composition of T, B and NK cells. The results show that B cells (CD3-CD19+), T cells (CD3+CD19-), helper T cells (CD3+CD4+CD8-), cytotoxic T cells (CD3+CD4-CD8+) and NK cells (CD335+CD3-) in the lymphoid tissue of C-NKG mice were almost completely absent, as compared with BALB/c mice.


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